in this article it expresses a way a person is by saying that many of us define ourselves for doing something that we love and do so it express us in a certain way to show us how to find us , there’s many cultures in this world and its amazing because its so many different of us that have everything so different so many of us can experience’s others people culture and its very cool and fun as like the article said “Who we are and what we do can feel like defining characteristics.  Most of us will spend half our lives trying to define who we are and the other half trying to figure out who we are when we are not doing the thing that defines us.  It is a complex human dilemma that societies have wrangled with since the dawn of time.” When someone asks us about who we consider ourselves to be , its a mix of thoughts because some us don’t know who we are or who we want to be.

Read and Reflect: Silhouettes

As i was reading this article i learned that ” The most important rule in exposing for a silhouette is to always expose for the background, not the subject. It is also best to underexpose an additional one-half to one full stop if there is the opportunity to take more than one shot and bracket exposures.” and this helps because it helps you how to improve your editing and the way it should be and i think its amazing how there’s many examples and way it expresses to help us so we do it the right way.

Poetry and your photography

Why did you choose these words to go with this image ?
My reasoning for picking this picture is because I felt like it really fit in so well , In the picture it’s my best friend and I and I felt like that poem expresses the way I feel towards the picture .

How do you think the audience would Interpret your work ?

Well I feel like a good way because I think we can all agree that we have that one friend that shows you what a real friendship is . And this poem really stands out in a way to tell a friend so they never forget .