1. Sports photographer
  2. Restaurant photographer and lastly I would be a photographer/videographer because the two jobs i listed they pay you $20-25 an hour and i feel like that’s a pretty good price for it . and the last one you make $38.000-$45,000 and year . I feel like having this as a job would be a good job especially if you love taking pictures and you can take pictures of everything and go around the world to take pictures of different type of things in the world .

Favorite teacher

The reason why I picked Mr. Inzunza was because he was an amazing teacher through out my freshmen nd sophomore year . he has such a great personality I would definitely recommend having this teacher . as what i seen in his class he would always try to help students out and he would go over anything we wouldn’t understand , he would always make sure that we understood what we were doing . this class had to be one of my favorites because I actually like coming to his class and learning simply because it was an amazing class.

10 tips to good flashlight photography

As the article say that the flash is not only used to brighten a nearby scene or subject. It can also set the mood, add emphasis to image elements, and create special effects in your photograph, making flash photography fun and extremely useful for photographers.

  1. Bounce the Light
  2. Diffuse Your Flash
  3. Make Use of Ambient Light
  4. Use Colored Flash Gels
  5. Use TTL Technology
  6. Enable High-Speed Flash Sync
  7. Use More Than One Flash

those are 7 tips that the article’s shows and has very good reason to why we should us those tip.

It’s easy to just keep flashing your camera to provide better lighting for your subject, but it doesn’t always produce the best photographic results. Oftentimes, you’ll make the background disappear almost completely while you’re busy exposing your subject.

10,000 Photography Shopping Spree

As I’m in the B&H photo and video website and as I’m seeing so many good items personally, I would start with buying flashes and on camera lighting because of what I experienced in my photo class that’s a very great item to buy also I would get a light stand and mounting because it helps when I will shoot alone and have no one else to help me. I would also get backgrounds, tabletop shooting, studio and posing equipment because these are helpful with everything I would need to shoot. I would start with buying a camera that’s good for shooting and help me and along with that I would get tripods and support, photography bags and cases and honestly everything a photographer needs to get amazing shots!!!