My choice was food photography and the reason why i picked this one was because I love food Sasha Gitin knows a thing or two about food. As a child cooking in his mother’s kitchen, and later in a series of restaurant jobs in his college days. in the article it tells me that the reason why he picked this was because

“When I decided to specialize more narrowly,” Gitin says, “the economy wasn’t doing that well and I thought food and beverage was a good financial decision; fashion comes and goes but people still drink alcohol and eat food. I love to eat, I love to cook, and I love photography—and all of these things come quite naturally to me, especially eating,” he says. Eventually he found out food people were “his people.”

“I like fashion photography, and early on wanted to be a fashion photographer; I liked the glamour of working with models, but I realized that I wasn’t really interested in following what’s new in the design world,” which hampered communication with people in the field. “I enjoyed taking the photos but it was a completely different world; just not mine.”

and I think this is inspiring because you always want to go for what you like and what inspires you to do even if its rare to do . An question I would had is if I wonder every time you shoot a shooting with food do people get hungry or makes them gross out because they are always having to do do shootings with food.

Here’s two pictures of his work . really nice and amazing .

Overhead Food Photography © Sasha Gitin
Italian Food Photography © Sasha Gitin